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About Kelly

About Kelly

I’m a happily married mother of three, certified yoga teacher, dental hygienist and integrative nutrition health coach.

When I began to experience neurological symptoms a few years ago, I wasn’t willing to wait for my symptoms to deteriorate. Having lost my mother to complications from Multiple Sclerosis, I knew too well what that life story looked like.

I began my own research to combat this head on. By making some changes to my diet and lifestyle, the results were astounding. Not only did my symptoms disappear but so did other symptoms like; foggy head, poor quality sleep, digestive problems and skin rashes.

By incorporating real whole foods into my life, my body is able to function as it was programmed to do, allowing me to live a life with clarity and purpose.

What I believe...

- I believe that our bodies have the ability to heal, given the right foods, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical health
- I believe in family meals together, especially dinner time as it creates a safe space for conversation and acceptance
-I believe that we have a very strong connection to the powers of the universe and that we are all capable of tapping into its abundance 
-I believe that we are spiritual beings in a material world and that we need to slow down and reconnect to that place deep inside all of us
- I believe that, along with making healthy food choices, longterm positive and healthy transformation is within your reach if you allow yourself to connect to what is truly important 

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